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From it's founding in 2005 General Transport is a company destined to combine land, sea and air transportation into a unified, innovative, ethical and ecologically sound economic force driven to deliver every kind of vehicle to every kind of person. The entire series consists of 57 vehicles spread among 11 categories; 1: (Cars) pedestrian and passenger vehicles, 2: (Trucks) trucks and towing vehicles, 3: (Vertical Transport) elevators, escalators and moving walkways, 4: (Tramways) aerial tramways, 5: (Trains) trains and monorails 6: (Passenger Ships) passenger and large container ships, 7: (Freight Ships) ice breakers, barges and small container ships, 8: (Airplanes), 9: (Helicopters), 10: (Off Road Vehicles) off road and exploration vehicles 11: (Space) spacecraft.           

"Movement should be a moving experience"

-Zane Hunker

Founder of General Transport



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